Let's talk CAKE

I am, as most human are, a lover of cake. I love baking them, love eating the mixture and love looking at them! So for this post we are going to take a quick look at 5 trending Wedding cake styles. LET'S GO...

The Black Cake

Weddings are traditional white. It's an unwritten rule, but rules are there to be broken! I am such a fan of a Blank & White wedding. They feel so elegant and timeless. I recently saw a wedding where all the quests wore white and the bride was in a gorgeous dramatic black dress!

Catch your guests off guard by switching it up!

The Naked Cake

Sometimes things are too pretty hide! Naked cakes have been trending for a while now and aren't disappearing any time too soon. Starting as a modern take on the classic Victoria spouse, they feel so overly British and I think they are just perfect for a summer outdoor wedding!

The only slight downside to these cakes is that they have to be fresh! Without their icing exterior to protect them they tend to turn hard quicker, so make sure you arrange for it to be created a few days before your big day!