Calligraphy, my New Best Friend

I have recently embarked on a new mission, to make my handwriting GLORIOUS.

The Telegraphy made a sad claim with their article entitled the "Slow death of the letter", that emails and social media have killed out hand-written letters. Apparently 80% of the post we send are greeting cards and it made me think, I can't remember the last time I sent a letter.

I've spent hours pinning over Calligraphers Instagram accounts wishing I was that naturally talented when it comes to putting pen to paper. Last week I spontaneously booked a Calligraphy course with Tea & Crafting in London and it was the bomb!!

We learnt the basics that I simply would not of figured out on my Todd and I am actually over the moon with my progression within a few hours!

Hand written things are just so beautifully personal and I aim to spread that feeling across my stationery. Wedding days are all about intimacy and love, what better way to achieve that feeling than in romantic fonts!

New handwritten items will be making an appearance on my Etsys page soon...