My First Wedding Fair AGHHHH

Sunday I took part in the South of England Wedding Fair. It was firstly, terrifying. Secondly, awesome.

I booked the stand a week and a half before the fair and I was NOT ready. I basically haven't slept for a fortnight... It was just like being back at uni. The all nighters and sleepless nights were bizarrely exciting. I was buzzing off of it, because for the first time since uni I was "doing me" again!

So, I booked it completely unprepared. My boyfriend was the biggest support and what I learnt is if you don't know how to do something, then ask! He's a spreadsheet wizard and I, am not. He showed me some of his wizarding skills and I now love spreadsheets. Who knew.

What I also lernt from the show is that my designs aren't half bad. I was laking confidence and I was overwhelmed by the positive response! Hearing peoples view straight to my face also wasn't something I could run away from. I've spent the last couple of days really taking all these comments in and tackling them head on.

The stool was £175 for the day and I've already made that back! I offered an on the day sale of 10% off all orders and it worked a treat. It sounds a horrific amount of money to hand over when you've never done such a thing but ask yourself, what's the worse that can happen? Answer: you sell nothing and everyone hates your work. So what, you've spent £175 to find you need a new direction! That's fine. It's too easy to ignore what we don't want to hear but I have found failure has made me grow. I've had mistakes and am so much better for it.

Basically, my advice...

1) Throw yourself in the deep end or you will never do it.

2) Failure is never actually a bad thing.

3) You are all awesome because no one else is you. Fact.