The 10 things you won’t guess about me from my Instagram account…

  1. That I failed my Foundation year at uni because I didn’t “work hard enough”.

  2. That I never thought I had it in me to start up my own business.

  3. That I listen to Beyonce and Kanye West on loop (because if Kanye can believe he’s god, I can run my own business)

  4. That 60% of my ideas do not work out. Forever at the drawing board.

  5. I spend 80% of my spare time in stupid animal onesies with my hair in a top knot (coffee in hand)

  6. I’m never ever completely happy with my work.

  7. I’m obsessed with self help books because I suffer with anxiety and we all need a little inner pep talk!

  8. ​A jar of Nutella and a spoon have saved me on countless occasions.

  9. My last breakdown was because I brought the wrong flavour Haagen Daz ice cream (we all have breaking points)

  10. I am SO UNORGANISED AND MY LIFE IS A MESS like everyone else in the world. I just act like I’ve got this.

The moral of this post is...

  1. Social media is a lie.

  2. If I can do this, you can.

  3. Nutella fixes everything.