Why kindness always make you win

I have strong views on kindness and am a MASSIVE believer in karma baby.

You can be the most organised person. Have the world’s best business plan. Confidence coming out your earholes, but if you are in your job for money and money alone it oozes out of your pores. No one’s goal is to make you rich when they hire you, and if your goal is just to be loaded people can sense it. It’s not a cool look.

What I’ve quickly learnt from starting my business is that people choose me, for me. Apparently people like me as a person. The fact I’m a bit flappy, clumsy, overly talkative (blah, blah, blah) is covered up by the fact I’m simply not doing this for money. Sure I need to earn some dollar like all of us, but I genuinely just want to design wedding stationery!

This week my boyfriend got a promotion and I am SO BLOOMING PROUD. Since I’ve been with him he has been living proof that being kind always pays off. He’s constantly my inspiration to make it the right way, without stabbing any backs on the way up. He has the sweetest outlook on life and I'm forever attempting to copy his chilled, peaceful ways. Things tend to just right for him and I honestly believe its because of his positive outlook on life. I've been trying to adapt this outlook into my own business and since I've learnt to chilled out a bit things have somehow immediately got better.

I strongly believe everything comes back around. So if you are nice, work hard and honestly just want to help people your business will make it, I promise.

To finish, an important quote,

“Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere”

Karma exists. Get sprinkling.

Billie x