Apparently multi-tasking doesn't exist... Hooray

The past week I've been sunning myself and drinking far too many cocktails in Spain! So obviously what better time catch up on reading a self help book. 'The Organised mind' by Daniel Levitin is definitely on my recommended list. He discusses the science behind how our brains are hardwired to cause havoke with information and how we can train our minds to get organised!

I'm halfway through and my favourite thing I've learnt so far is that multi-tasking doesn't exist. I'm overly happy with this because being a female we are supposedly meant to be fantastic at this, and I am pants. Apparently our brains simply can not do 2 things at once. Our brains just flit between the tasks at hand causing...

a) exhaustion

b) the tasks outcome to be compromised

I've always been a fan of lists. Love them in fact. I create a priority list everyday to allow my brain to be free'd up of clutter and to structure my day. After finding out multi-tasking is a myth I love my priority lists even more.

What I've lernt I realistically shouldn't do while working...

1) Stoping looking at videos of sausage dogs in costumes.

2) Eating everything.

3) Staring at my phone waiting to be tagging in memes.

Peace out.

Billie x