How I Accidentally Started My Own Business

May 2017 I started Billie Bryant Designs. I didn't have a business plan and had no idea what I was doing. It's be all trail and painful error. But nearly a year on I wanted to reflect on how it all came about. After getting a little lost in life I was looking for something to make me "me" again. These 4 things were my direct route to me accidentally doing what I love, designing wedding stationery. Enjoy...

1) Boredom

I get bored so easily. Usually I procrastinate and watch hours of the Kardashians eating carbs but one day I decided to design the Eucalyptus range. I honestly don't know what made me do it then, but I started. I showed a few people thinking they wouldn't care but I generally got the same reaction, that I should be doing this full time. That was the catalyst moment!

2) Frustration

I work full time in London for big make-up companies. At the beginning of last year I wanted to quit my job. I felt like I wasn't getting the buzz I used to get from the big city. All of a sudden I got a new boss (Hurray) who wanted to let me express my creative side. It was wonderful! I felt needed and my love for designing came flooding back. Then 6 months later he left. I was gutted to say the very least. Realising I couldn't change the things I liked least about my company I slowly started working on my own "side projects", my wedding stationery ranges. I called them this because I wasn't starting up a business. That was a terrifying thought. I was merely expressing my creativeness before I exploded!

3) Requests

I was getting more and requests to help people out with their wedding stationery and frankly it was getting embarrassing how often I was having to say no. So I started researching, mainly just on my commute to work. I would find other wedding stationery designers and would try to breakdown why they were succeeding and others not. (basically number 3 is about me stalking people, cool) But seriously, find inspiration!

4) Love, Obviously

I'M OBSESSED WITH WEDDINGS. It was a natural route to go down for me. This is my side business and it doesn't feel like work at all! I just love it and more importantly the satisfaction of this is worth more than the money.

So to conclude, why has setting up Billie Bryant Designs worked for me?

I have no idea. Not the fo