Wedding Fair – What I Did Differently This Time

That’s it. I officially love Wedding Fairs. Yesterday was my second fair and again it felt awesome. I learnt so much from my first fair so naturally there were a few things I did this time around to make sure I looked even more professional.

Focused on the Invites

So last time I tried to sell everything at once. It resulted in people feeling a little overwhelmed and me being super confused. This time I focused on the Save the Dates and the Invitations. These conversations lead to people asking what else I do rather than me bombarding them with my life story. I also felt like I sounded less like I had a scripted cringe sales pitch which is never a good look.

Voucher Cards

I got vouchers printed! I missed a trick with this last time. Everyone at wedding fairs expects something free, and if not at least an offer. I offered 10% off of all my Wedding Stationery if they purchase within the next week.

Pricing Forms to Take Away

This one is so important. I created price breakdowns sheets of each of my ranges so when I was chatting to them I could give them the prices to take home. You're trying to tell them so many things at once, throwing in all the prices for them to remember just doesn’t work. This way you can show off your stationery and they can refer to the prices when they get home.

Contact Details

Again, another trick I missed. GET THEIR DETAILS. If you can get an email address. I created forms this time so I could get names, email and a contact number. When they had walked off I added a few notes (such as, only need invites, Save the Dates have already been sent, rustic themed wedding). Then when I catch up with them I know what they are looking for.

One last thing to remember, always be friendly. This can't be stressed enough. This is their big day and no one wants to feel like they are just another client of yours, so be welcoming, happy and just enjoy it because wedding fairs are honestly the biggest endorphin boosters!

Billie x