One year on… What have I learnt?

So it’s been a year and I’m still here, plodding along nicely. And I’ve even (waaaait for it) started making a profit *Sassily dances*.

So to recap this mad year I wanted to go through some of the things I’ve learnt and things I think are SO important to be the best version of you while running your own business.

1. Self confidence is everything

Good lord it’s vital. It’s so tough at the beginning to convince everyone around you (plus all those potential clients) that you can do this. There were moments that I really didn’t know if I could do it, but did I let anyone see that? No, I went home and cried into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. In the privacy of my flat. You need to be like a duck, smooth on the surface, swimming like a lunatic under the surface.

One of the things I really struggled with on this one, was that my own view of myself was so low. Which leads me nicely on to number 2.

2. I am a BOSS

I literally tell myself this every day. I don’t hide my struggles with mental health. I really believe we will all struggle with it at some point so why be ashamed? When I’m feeling low I believe acting like I’m an ‘awesome girl boss who can do anything’ helps. When you act ok it all seems to feel that bit better.

I’ve learnt, and proved to myself, that I can do this and I AM DOING IT right this second! I’ve learnt that I will reach my breaking point. That’s cool, go have a cry for 10 minutes but always pull it back together, because all of that stress is worth every second once all the work load starts picking up.

3. Speaking to people vocally is better than emails

I found out that I can have a phone call with a fellow human being without inducing a panic attack. Ho