What I Would Tell Someone Who Is Struggling

I never fail to amaze myself how I can beat myself up so badly when I’m feeling a little lost. However, when someone else is struggling I’m their biggest cheerleader. So on this very Monday-ish, Tuesday I’d like to give myself some advice that I’d offer out to others.

  1. You actually ain’t that bad

I’ve recently been on a bit of a journey to fight off those little voices in my head telling me I’m rather uncool. What I’ve learnt is I absolutely DO NOT want to be cool. I want to be my clumsy, a tad scatty, slightly awkward self. That’s my favourite self, everyone one who sticks by me knows this is the really me, so I can’t really be that bad can I? No, you aren’t.

  1. Everyone has bad days. Be kind to yourself…

I really struggle to understand this one. I honestly feel like I’m the only one struggling when things go wrong. I forget that this is normal. I forget not to be so hard on myself. The world is tough enough without you giving yourself an even harder time! Be nice.

  1. The darkness will always pass. Fact.

This is a definite but why do we forget it as soon as things start to go downhill? A storm can’t last forever, it must pass at some point. Just ride it out, better times will come. (And if that don’t work, go buy yourself some ice cream. That’ll help the edge off)

  1. Remind yourself who actually matters

I find it so easy with social media to over think those “likes” and “comments”. I worry I’m not liked and underachieving non stoppppp. I carry a tiny piece of paper in my purse with 6 names on it. I take this everywhere I go. Those names are of the people who’s options actually matter. I’m learning that as long as these people still like me, I’m doing just fine. Stop worrying.


You are uncool, and I like you.

It will ALWAYS be ok.